Maps to the Stars (R) 112 minutes

Maps to the Stars- Movie – R – Julianne Moore stars with Mia Wasikowska, John Cusack and Robert Pattinson in this dark thriller from acclaimed director David Cronenberg. Hollywood actress Havana Segrand (Moore) is unraveling as her career flounders. Her therapist (Cusack) and his wife are busy managing the career of their recently rehabbed child-star son. But when a mysterious young woman named Agatha (Wasikowska) befriends a limo driver (Pattinson) and ties all their lives together, nothing will ever be the same as they try to survive a world of money, fame, envy and relentless hauntings. Users, abusers. backbiting and backstabbing, insecurity, drugs, alcohol, and psychotic and mental breaks abound. Very dark, perhaps a dark comedy thriller?