Marco Polo Series (NR) 600 minutes

MARCO POLO Series (NR) When Niccolo Polo and his brother, Maffeo Polo, arrive in front of Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong) without any of the 200 the priests they had promised to bring back with them, the Khan is not happy. Marco Polo (Lorenzo Richemly) is shocked when Niccolo, his father, (Pier-francesco Favino ) abandons him to the Khan, and leaves with his uncle.   In the Mongol Khanate he enters the world of power, greed and blood lust. Welcomed as a guest by Kublai Khan, yet he still suffers from loneliness as he strives to prove himself for the Khan as a helpful guest. His adventure goes to the next level as he fall in love with Princess Kokachin (Zhu Zhu) and helps the Khanate in their battles against the Chinese Dynasty. Come into the world of the 13th century in Venice, Italy, the Middle East and China.