Mayday Series (NR) 280 minutes

MAYDAY SERIES– (NR)In a quaint English village seeped in pagan traditions, the highlight of May Day is the traditional parade. But when the May Queen, 14-year-old Hattie Sutton (Leila Mimmack), disappears shortly before the event, the residents grow suspicious that someone among them might have taken her. The shocking realization that there could be a killer in the community shatters the façade of idyllic small-town life. The search for Hattie threatens to reveal everyone’s darkest secrets. Ex-cop Fiona (Sophie Okonedo) struggles in her new role as a housewife. Gail (Lesley Manville) discovers that her husband, Malcolm (Peter Firth), lies about where he goes each day. Everett (Aidan Gillen) brings home a mysterious bag big enough to hide a body. Upending the typical whodunit, this edgy drama focuses not on the police investigation, but on the horror of suspecting a loved one has committed a terrible crime.