Mercy Street Series 6 parts (PG-13) 360 minutes

MERCY STREETSERIES, 6 part – (PG-13) – PBS, produced by Ridley Scott, this six part series is about a Union Hospital in Alexandria, VA during the year 1862 of the Civil War. Blood is not gray or blue, one of the Union’s new nurses is admonished by a doctor when she is outraged to find wounded southern rebel soldiers in the hospital, though kept separate from wounded union soldiers. The hospital itself was commandeered from a hotel belonging to a well-to-do southern family now living down the street in their town house. The stories include all aspects of life at this conflicted time, slaves and freemen, spies and deserters, and the varied people who lived, worked, helped, hindered and died, seeking to aid the wounded soldiers when nursing was just a fledgling occupation and medicine could only offer so much help. Spellbinding.