Mondovino Documentary (PG-13) 135 minutes

MONDOVINO DOCUMENTARY (PG-13) “Passionate and Subversive” Time Across three continents, Jonathan Nossiter's film weaves together the family succession sagas of billionaire Napa Valley power brokers, the rivalry of two aristocratic Florentine dynasties and the efforts of three generations of a Burgundian family fighting to preserve their few acres of land. But are all these struggles secondary to the exploits of a gleefully mischievous pirate from Bordeaux who spreads the gospel of modernity from Italy to New York to Argentina? The wine has been a symbol of Western civilization for thousands of years. Never has the fight for its soul been as desperate. Never has there been so much money and pride at stake. But the battle lines are not what you'd expect: local versus multinational, simple peasants vs powerful captains of industry. In the world of wine, it is never the usual suspects.