Monster's Bones: The Discovery of T. Rex and How it Shook Our World

by David K. Randall chronicles the discovery, in 1900, of the first Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and argues that its impact on science and culture still reverberates today. The book also details the Gilded Age-era race to discover dinosaur bones, involving museums, robber barons, and fossil hunters, all eager to make their names. At the center of T. Rex’s story is a Kansas-born outdoorsman named Barnum Brown and Henry Fairfield Osbourn, the wealthy man who needed to fill the then-empty halls of New York’s American Museum of Natural History in order to solidify his reputation. When Brown unearthed the nearly in-tact 15-foot-tall T. Rex skeleton in Montana, it was Osbourn’s museum that would be its home, after a long, arduous journey and a painstaking reconstruction. The Monster’s Bones details a fascinating slice of history. (Non-Fiction)