Mr. Pip (PG-13) 107 minutes

MR. PIP --MOVIE--(PG-13)--This is Andrew Adamson’s adaptation of the prize winning novel, Mister Pip, starring Hugh Laurie, celebrating the timeless power of storytelling. Mr. Pip, tells the stirring tale of a young girl’s quest for hope with a Charles Dickens classic. Thirteen-year-old Matilda (Xzannajh Matsi), is coming of age on a small copper-rich tropical Solomon island torn apart by war. Her father has left to find work in Australia and almost everyone else is trying to escape danger between the rebels and the soldiers. One of the few remaining behind is the mysterious Mr. Watts, the island’s sole remaining white man, who begins to read “Great Expectations” aloud to students. But in a ravaged place where daily survival is the only objective, fiction can be a dangerous thing. It’s only a matter of time before the soldiers are searching for the fictional Pip. For Matilda the story offers an escape from their brutal reality, while instilling the strength to endure in a place where nothing is certain. Ultimately it’s the power of the imagination that triumphs.