Nana, Nenek & Nina

by Liza Ferneyhough tells the story of a little girl, Nina, visiting her grandparents on opposite sides of the world: England and Malaysia. She revels in the details that make each experience different. In England with Nana, she eats beans on toast for breakfast and plays with her dad’s old game of “noughts and crosses”, while in Malaysia with Nenek, she eats beans for dessert and plays a game called congkak on a set that belonged to her mother. She finds hedgehogs in the chilly rose garden in England, while monkeys play outside her window in Malaysia, where Nenek gardens before the sun get too hot. Each place is richly imagined in both words and visual details, giving readers a sense of Nina’s glorious experience living in multiple cultures and the love she is surrounded by in England, Malaysia, and her home in San Francisco.