Nellie vs. Elizabeth: Two Daredevil Journalists' Breakneck Race Around the World

Nellie vs. Elizabeth: Two Daredevil Journalists’ Breakneck Race Around the World by Kate Hannigan, illustrated by Rebecca Gibbon, tells of the adventure two women embarked on in 1889. Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland were both journalists, but their careers were vastly different. Nellie wrote for muckraking publications and would pull of all kinds of stunts to capture readership, while Elizabeth wrote elegant magazine articles and preferred parties at home. Yet, on a challenge, both women set off in opposite journeys around the world to see who can travel faster, by steamship and train. The world watches as both Nellie and Elizabeth race around the globe, reporting on the wondrous sights they encounter (the book quotes directly from both women’s writings, which is a special treat). In the end, it didn’t really matter who won: both Nellie and Elizabeth opened up the world to many new readers, and showed that women were as capable of adventure as men. (Non-Fiction)