New Yorker Discussion Group: Spring Session
6:30 p.m.
Rowayton Library

May 12 through June 30

Maybe you already have a subscription but only consistently glance at the cartoons? Or perhaps you yearn for in-depth reporting, written well without the prefab soundbites of TV news? Or you might just like to meet up with interesting individuals to talk about current events, the latest big hit on Broadway, upcoming museum exhibits worth a look all while enjoying a sip of wine and savory bites on a spring evening. If so, check out the selected articles to be discussed below. The magazine issue is on us. Pick up your copy at the library the week of May 9th!

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Selected Readings from the May 23 issue for the May 26 meeting:

  • Page 11 - The Talk of the Town: Jill Lepore on Congress and the battle over abortion
  • Page 12 - The Talk of the Town: José Andrés springs into action
  • Page 24 - Annals of Psychoanalysis: Real Talk by Alexandra Schwartz
  • Page 40 - Profiles: In Search of the Sublime by Ben Taub
  • Page 56 - Books: Analyzing the twenty-first century autocrat by Adam Gopnik

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