2020 Census

The 2020 Census is happening now. Help shape your future, and your community's future, by responding to the 2020 Census. You can complete your questionnaire online here, by phone, or by mail.

The Census has received Congressional approval for a 120-day extension of its operations, pushing the response deadline from July 31, 2020 to October 31, 2020. Currently, their field outreach is suspended until at least June 1. With these altered dates, the U.S. Census Bureau is continuing to prospect for new hirings at $25/hour for positions as community enumerators, offering flexible schedules, weekly pay and travel expense reimbursement as well as paid training for jobs initially based in your local zip code areas.

Below you can find short videos of English and Spanish language public service announcements produced by ABCD referencing that now is the ideal time to complete the Census during our isolation. Maximizing response to the Census is important and benefits our community in funding critical social programs plus assures proportionate Congressional representation. Links to these videos are below, and please feel free to share on your social media platforms.

The national rate of completion is currently 51.6%, with Connecticut being the 17th highest state of response rate at 53.7% and Norwalk slightly behind that at 52.2%. However, all rates are reflecting higher than projected, due to the first time allowance of online response. We are able to track Low Response Rates in nearly real time, with a daily refresh of results at 3 pm every day. Click here to track response by state, city, town, Congressional District and all the way down to Census tract.

The U.S. Census Bureau is continuing to combat Census-related scams and fraudulent communications such as misrepresenting that the receipt of stimulus checks are tied to Census response. There was also a political mailing using Census logo marks that were soliciting contributions for the November re-election campaign. To speak with a Census Bureau representative to report any concerns of fraudulent activity, call them at 844-330-2020.

The Census Open Innovations Lab (COIL) is currently running the “Get Out the Count” Video Challenge, where participants are encouraged to submit their most engaging, impactful and informative videos about the 2020 Census. The deadline for submission is now May 7, 2020 with a possible $30,000 grand prize, along with $10,000 for the runner up and $10,000 for the best student entry. CPEP is encouraging staff to reach out to partners to participate, especially those who may have already created videos. More information can be found here.

The weekend of May 1 to May 3 is scheduled to be a Digital Communications Challenge for you to include Census messaging within your social media platforms postings to blanket the importance of responding to the Census now before enumerators begin knocking on household doors!