Okoye to the People: A Black Panther Novel

by Ibi Zoboi adds a new story to the Marvel Universe. Okoye is a warrior in charge of protecting King T’Chaka of Wakanda so, when the King makes a visit to New York City as part of a special humanitarian visit, Okoye accompanies him. The Wakandan delegation is there at the invitation of Stella Adams, a wealthy real estate executive who also runs a nonprofit called No Nation Left Behind. But Okoye soon starts to distrust Adams and her motives and begins to see the complex layers of social and economic problems plaguing the neighborhood of Brownsville in Brooklyn. Gentrification, economic inequality, and the ravaging effects of a drug called PyroBliss are gutting the community. Okoye decides that her duty lies in helping the people living in Brownsville, which includes uncovering and stopping Adams’s sinister agenda. (Young Adults)