Olive Kitteridge-Series HBO (NR) 240 minutes

Series HBO --NR- Acerbic Olive Kitteridge (Frances McDormand) does not suffer fools lightly. She is the H.S. math teacher in this small Maine town and her affable husband, Henry, is the town’s pharmacist and owner of the local drug store. This is filmed as four views over time into the lives of Olive, Henry and their son, Christopher and the people who live around and in the town. A town filled with an unusual number of deaths by suicide and mental illness. Olive has the old New England Yankee qualities of seeing and speaking clearly regardless of how abruptly or rudely, qualities of facing life in the hard northeastern coastline of subsistence farming and fishing in the bitter cold and unmerciful Atlantic seas. A beautifully filmed and scripted story of a woman whose tongue may cut like a knife, but who helps people cope when the going gets tough. Straightforward.