On the Wings of the Monarch-Documentary (G) 50 minutes

On the Wings of the Monarch-Documentary – G - 50 minutes- This movie is an exciting nature documentary that follows host Libby Graham on an amazing journey into the life of the monarch butterfly that will fascinate children and adults alike. Travel to an incredible monarch over-wintering site in Mexico where you find close to 40 million monarchs. This documentary provides the viewer with an in-depth look at the enigmatic monarch butterfly, tracing its incredible long distance migration and its fantastic life cycle. Shot on location in Mexico, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Kansas, this documentary uses stunning slow-motion photography and brilliant macro photography to capture the beauty and strength of the monarch. It includes informative interviews with monarch expert, Dr. Lincoln Brower. Host Libby Graham and narrator Bernie Alan, PBS voice-over talent, fill the viewers in on all of the interesting facts about the monarch butterfly.