Outlander-Series-Season 1 (NR) 464 minutes

WWII is over and Claire, a war nurse and her code breaker husband,are on vacation to Scotland to reintroduce themselves to each other and married life after a long and stressful separation during the intervening war years. Due to begin a new job in Oxford in a few weeks, Claire is researching some family history in the highlands. She finds stories of Black Jack and bits of lore passed down over the years, bolstered by some factual records at a local vicars. A trip to a nearby standing stone site reveals that the local woman still follow some of the olden ways. That seems to be when things begin to get a little strange. A man in a kilt is staring up at Claire’s window one night, but disappears in a quick cold draft when she tries to talk to him. When Claire goes back to the stones to gather medicinal plants, she disappears. Through the main stone she goes and into the past 3 hundred years distant, 1630s to be exact, when kilts were not outlawed in the highlands and the war hasn’t ended. The war was between Scot and outlanders, as the English people were known.