Overkill by Sandra Brown is a many-layered mystery with complicated ethical questions. When retired NFL quarterback Zach Bridger gets a call that his estranged ex-wife, Rebecca Pratt, has been brutally attacked, he’s faced with an impossible decision. Rebecca has been placed on life support and, because Zach still has medical power of attorney for her, it’s ultimately up to him whether she lives or dies. Feeling the immense pressure of the decision, Zach defers to her parents, who advocate for keeping her alive because of their religious beliefs. But, the morality becomes even murkier when, four years later, Rebecca’s wealthy, privileged attacker, Eban, gets an early release from prison. If Rebecca dies, he can be retried for murder and potentially end up back in prison, which is what the state prosecutor, Kate Lennon, is gunning for. But will Zach have to be the one to kill Rebecca in order to punish her attacker? Or will Eban add a different murder to his crimes?