Pageboy by Elliot Page is an emotional memoir about the Oscar-nominated trans actor’s coming of age, his struggles with gender dysphoria, eating disorders, and sexual assault, and finally, his transition and self-acceptance. Recounted in nonlinear, lyrical vignettes and memories, Page’s story captures the turmoil that accompanied his acclaimed career rise, first as a child actor, feeling a sense of liberation through acting, and then as a breakout star with the film “Juno” in 2007. His immediate fame trapped him, and he describes his gender dysphoria, exacerbated by Hollywood’s demands, felt like “the most uncomfortable, mortifying thing you could wear.” Page’s story also contains moments of true joy, like his first queer kiss and his mother’s love and support throughout. Page’s perspective is both intimately personal and universal, a portrait of one person’s specific pain and joy. “Let me just exist with you, happier than ever,” he writes.