Pitching In Season 1 New Series (PG) 225 minutes

PITCHING IN, SEASON 1 NEW SERIES (PG) On the scenic and serene north Wales coast, the residents of Daffodil Dunes are content with their cozy if somewhat outdated, camping-park community. Then owner Frank (Larry Lamb) makes the surprising announcement that he plans to sell the park and retire. But when his strong-willed daughter, Carys (Caroline Sheen) returns home for the first time since her mother's death, 18 months ago, she attempts to change his mind. Cary’s plans events from medieval reenactments to fitness retreats to draw new visitors and increase income. But she is in over her head as she tries to juggle a teenage son, her ex-fiancé's new girlfriend, another woman in her father’s life, estate agent Iona’ (Hayley Mills), who has her own plans for Daffodil Dunes--and for Frank himself--in this endearing family drama.