Rake Season 4 (NR) 461 minutes

RAKE, Series 4 –SERIES--(NR)--Law, and disorder in this smart, cheeky, and funny legal series from Australia. Smart but self-destructive lawyer Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh) faces new challenges to his career and his personal life in the return of this series. Last seen dangling from a runaway hot-air balloon, Cleaver crashes into the window of wanted criminal Edgar Thompson (John Waters). Forced out of hiding, Edgar stirs up a huge corruption scandal involving most of the politicians in Sydney and vows revenge on Cleaver, who runs for his life. His best friend's wife, Scarlet (Danielle Cormack) tries to explain her new relationship to her kids, and the former prostitute turned celebrity writer Melissa (Adrienne Pickering) returns to Australia in disgrace, harboring a serious addiction. Later, the sudden death of a colleague shocks Clever and his friends. Guest stars include Miriam Margolyes, Rachael Blake, and Sara Wiseman.