Rebecka Martinsson, Season 2 (NR) 352 minutes
REBECKA MARTINSSON, SEASON 2 – Foreign Language SERIES (NR) SWEDISH With English Subtitles –

Set in Sweden’s Arctic region, this mystery series based on the award-winning crime novels by Asa Larsson follows prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson (Sascha Zacharias) as she investigates crimes in her remote hometown. Working with the local police, Rebecka tenaciously employs unconventional but effective methods that often put her at odds with the tight-knit community. Along with Detective Anna Maria Melia (Eva Melander), Rebecka deals with a deadly feud between reindeer herders, a skeleton found at a construction site, teenagers overdosing on a new drug and a woman found frozen to death after a snowstorm.