Ripper Street Season 5 (NR) 360 minutes

RIPPER STREET Season 5 SERIES (NR) Winter of 1899, the end of the Victorian Era. As the bitter cold descends upon Whitechapel, our heroes find themselves on the edge of peril--a serial killer with subhuman desires and a superhuman ability to escape arrest is on the loose. Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen), Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg), and Long Susan (MyAnna Buring), are living as fugitives, on the run from Assistant Commissioner Augustus Dove (Killian Scott) as the trio seeks to bring him and his cannibalistic brother, Nathaniel (Jonas Armstrong), to justice. Meanwhile, the three must contend with the return of the crooked Inspector Jedediah Shine (Joseph Mawle). See Reid, Jackson, and Long Susan fight to bring justice to the Whitechapel streets in the final season of this entertainingly sinister dip in the cesspool of 19th-century criminality!