SCORE Webinar: Are You Ready to Start a Business?
Tuesday, August 24, 2021
12:00 p.m.
Online via Zoom

Knowing how to prepare yourself is the key to Success. Sure, you must know your product or service, and what your talents can contribute. But who are your customers, how are you going to market to them? Who are your competitors and what distinguishes you from the pack?

Webinar attendees will learn about:

  • How to REALLY do a competitive analysis.
  • How to identify your target customer
  • How to analyze your costs
  • How to determine where to start

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Presenter: Nina Joan Mattikow

Nina Joan Mattikow has broad experience covering everything from Startups to Multi-Million dollar company with 100 plus employees, and sales to every major retailer in U.S.

She is an award-winning creator of new product, published author, and has initiated, developed, marketed, and owns an extensive audio catalogue with over 700 titles.

Experienced in intellectual property and overseas importing. She has demonstrated sales success across all channels of mass distribution.

Webinar will be conducted via Zoom. Visit their website here to find the appropriate download instructions and download link for your device.