SCORE Webinar: From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks
12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Online via Zoom

Take your idea and turn it into income in just 12 weeks. This webinar will show you how to look at something that you already do for others now, and make it a viable business. As the ultimate Venture Detective, Holly will show you how to look at something you feel comes naturally and use it to create a thriving business.

You will learn:

  • If you have a talent or skill that can become a money making venture
  • How to develop the perfect business idea that you'll love.
  • How to create a branding package and platform that sells.
  • How to take your message to the masses to create income

Our Presenter Holly Hurd is the founder of, a blog and platform devoted to sharing the stories of women who have their own businesses in order to inspire others to do the same. Holly has interviewed hundreds of women on her blog, making her uniquely qualified to speak on blogging and the small business start-up. In her book, VentureMom: From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks, Holly gives female founders a step by step guide to creating their own income.

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Webinar will be conducted via Zoom. Visit their website here to find the appropriate download instructions and download link for your device.