Signora Volpe, Series 1 (NR) 270 minutes

Crime, Drama - A British spy turns detective in Italy. Sylvia Fox (Emilia Fox) is a top British spy, but she’s disillusioned with MI6 after one betrayal too many. In need of a respite, she heads to Italy for her niece’s wedding. But when the groom goes missing, leaving a dead body behind, Sylvia has a mystery to solve--covertly, of course. Enchanted by the town of Panicale and longing to reconnect with her sister (Tara Fitzgerald), Sylvia buys a crumbling old house on a hillside and decides to start anew in Umbria. But not cut out for a quiet life she’s soon tackling a variety of cases, from a skeleton unearthed in an archaeological dig to a kidnapped truffle pig and a blackmail scheme with diplomatic tensions. All the while, she grows closer to a handsome local cop, Capitano Giovanni Riva (Giovanni Cirfiera), even as her ex, Adam (Jamie Bamber), tries to lure her back.