Snacks For Dinner
Snacks for Dinner

by Lukas, Volger is a cookbook for anyone who has looked at a charcuterie plate or a spread of snacks at a party and thought, “I could eat all this for dinner!” Small plates that make up a meal are an integral part of many cultures, from Spanish tapas to Korean banchan. But, Volger’s idea for this book took shape during the pandemic, when the idea of cooking a full meal night after night grew exhausting. Volger offers recipes that can be eaten alone as snacks or mixed and matched to make up a dinner; there are no rules. The recipes can be as hearty as a show-stopping savory pear tart with shallots and Dijon mustard, or as simple as a few seasoning blends to spice up sliced avocado and hard-boiled eggs. As the season of holiday entertaining approaches, this is also a great resource for inventive appetizers, like a toasted walnut and feta dip, mixed mushroom paté, or a creamy sweet potato chipotle hummus. (Cookbook)