Spiral Season 7 Foreign Language Series (NR) 615 minutes
SPIRAL Season 7 (NR) French with English Subtitles 

Acclaimed Parisian cop thriller about the lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and detectives at the heart of the French judicial system. When the mutilated body of a young woman is found on a disused railway track near La Villette, Captain Laure Berthaud believes the murderer could be a serial killer. Confirmed a few days later, when another woman’s body is found. Time is running out, and Berthaud and her men make mistakes. Losing the confidence of the prestigious Brigade criminelle, led by Commissioner Vincent Brémont, now wants to get back the case. Meanwhile at the Palais de Justice Judge Roban discovers that the mayor may be involved in a bribery scandal. Prosecutor Machard immediately asks Pierre Clément to spy on the judge discreetly, to divert a political scandal: the mayor is a personal friend of the President of France. But Clément refuses, and Machard is determined to get rid of this subordinate. Meanwhile, Joséphine Karlsson and Szabo are shot at in the street by two gangsters.