Spiral Season 8 Foreign Language Series (NR) 615 minutes
SPIRAL Season 8 (NR) In French with English Subtitles FINALE 

In the FINAL season, Laure and Gilou are brought back together by a double homicide in a Chinese restaurant and the tragic loss of one of their own. Meanwhile, Josephine struggles with life in prison as she awaits trial and Judge Roban faces forced retirement. All of them will have to deal with unexpected hurdles and the ultimate dilemma: give up the truth, or betray the institution they have each faithfully served. In the 8thhour, Gilou finds himself on his own, infiltrated into a ruthless criminal gang as Laure’s team is sidelined. Josephine, back on her feet, defends a murder suspect and develops a close bond with him. Complications ensue when Laure and Gilou’s cases turn out to have a connection with Josephine’s client. They join forces again to see their investigations through all kinds of danger in a tense and shocking climax.