Squanto and the First Thanksgiving: The Legendary Tale (PG-13) 24 minutes

SQUANTO AND THE FIRST THANKSGIVING, The Legendary Tale –-Movie--(PG-13)--Discover the moving, true story of the Native American named Squanto, who is captured from his beloved Pawtuxet tribe, taken to Spain, and sold into slavery. Years later, Squanto regains his freedom and embarks on a miraculous journey back to his homeland where he teaches the Pilgrims how to survive the difficult early years in the Plymouth colony- culminating in the first Thanksgiving celebration. A touching drama about trust, faith, and renewal. Rabbit Ears of SoNo, CT pairs this true story with celebrated actor Graham Greene and adds visually appealing dissolving pictures of the book to accompany it. The Native American stories may be new to listeners, but Graham Greene gives a clear and polished reading and Paul McCandless's accompaniment adds a haunting, melodic atmosphere reinforcing the sadness of Squanto's losing his heritage. Excellent watching and/or listening!