Suburban Shootout Season 1 (NR) 171 minutes

SUBURBAN SHOOTOUT, Season 1 - SERIES--(NR)--Ah, suburbia! The smell of newly mown grass, the colorful blooms in flowerbeds, the clatter of automatic gunfire at least, that’s how it goes in Little Stempington, a posh London ’burb where the ladies care more about turf wars than topsoil. They stash Glocks in Tupperware, extort protection money from the Wicker Barn, and peddle black-market estrogen patches at the local pub. When mild-mannered Joyce Hazledine (Amelia Bullmore) moves to town, she finds herself caught between rival gangs led by Camilla (Anna Chancellor) and Barbara (Felicity Montagu). Joyce soon learns that in this quaint English village, women don’t kill time—they kill each other.