Swim Team

Swim Team by Johnnie Christmas shows the strength it takes to overcome anxieties. When Bree moves with her dad from Brooklyn to Florida, she’s excited at first--Florida has alligators! And sea turtles! And manatees! But, she’s less excited about having to make new friends, and even more discouraged when her new school, Enith Brigitha Middle School, named after a famous Black Olympic swimmer, seems to be obsessed with its swim team. Bree has never learned to swim and the pool terrifies her, especially after she falls into her neighbor’s pool and almost drowns. Luckily, that neighbor, Ms. Etta, was once a champion swimmer and Bree bravely asks her for lessons, setting off a chain of events that leads her to new friendships, a sense of community, and, eventually, to the state championship with her school swim team. Can Bree help them win it? Swim Team deals with self-doubt, showing the way Bree’s negative thoughts rise to the surface, and the long legacy of racism that kept many Black Americans from learning to swim. This is an immersive and inspiring graphic novel. (Graphic Novel)