by Jean Reidy, illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins, is a cute ode to a spider, a creature that many might overlook or shoo away. This particular spider, Sylvie, lives in “the rusty underside of a fire escape” on the side of a brick city building. It’s not easy being a spider, but Sylvie loves to watch over the people who live in the building’s apartments. There’s a painter, a little girl who loves tea parties, a young man drawing up plans, and a girl with her “exceptionally brave” tortoise. But lately, something seems off: none of Sylvie’s friends seem happy or act like themselves. Sylvie wants to find a solution to help her friends so that everything is “just so” once again if only she can find the courage to step into the sunlight! Cummins’s fun, colorful illustrations give Sylvie a cheerful smile.