The Syndicate All or Nothing Documentary (NR) 366 minutes

THE SYNDICATE, All or Nothing- DOCUMENTARY--(NR)--The stately home of Hazelwood Manor has been in the family of Lord Hazelwood (Anthony Andrews) since the 18th century. But the once impressive manor is crumbling, and its owners are burdened with ₤6.5 million in debt. Lord and Lady Hazelwood (Alice Krige,) have been forced to let most of their staff go, and only five servants help maintain the estate. But when the remaining staff wins the lottery, the lines between upstairs and downstairs begin to blur. From BAFTA Award-winning writer Kay Mellor (Playing the Field), The Syndicate: All or Nothing also stars Polly Walker, Lenny Henry, Cara Theobold, Elizabeth Berrington, Melanie Hill, and Richard Rankin.