The 33 (PG-13) 127 minutes

THE 33 Movie – (PG-13) – English or Spanish with subtitles --Based on the real-life event, in Copiapo, Chile, when a gold and copper mine collapses, trapping 33 miners underground for 69 days. An opening text reads: "Every year 12,000 miners die in work related accidents."  The shift foreman Luis (Lou Diamond Phillips) has growing concerns about the safety of the San José mine. There is evidence that the mines are unsafe, but the men are sent down anyway, 1700 feet below ground. When the heart of the mountain breaks, it was a disaster waiting to happen. The unity of family and friends waiting for 69 days. The stellar cast including Antonio Banderas, Mario Casas, Juan Pablo Raba, Juliette Binoche, Oscar Nunez, Jacob Vargas, Marco Trevino, and Gomex (Gustavo Angarita), the crews’ oldest member, will retire in two weeks. Riveting drama covering the 69 days and nights they are trapped.