The Charmed List

by Julie, Abe is a mashup of fantasy and romance with a fun summer road trip plot. High school seniors Ellie Kobata and Jack Yasuda used to be best friends in middle school, partly because they have a lot in common: both are Japanese American and part of a secret magical community. But, for some reason, Jack stopped talking to her back in 7thgrade, and ever since then, Ellie has felt socially invisible, saved only by her current friendship with Lia, who’s a great friend but, as a non-magical person, can never truly know who Ellie is. Now that she’s a senior in high school, Ellie decides it’s time to come out of her shell and devises an “Anti-Wallflower List” of goals to be braver and bolder--and to take revenge on Jack. But when she plans to prank Jack go awry, Ellie finds herself stuck with her nemesis on a road trip along the coast of California, giving the bickering pair a second chance at friendship and possibly even romance. (Young Adults)