The Comeback-Series-(PG-13) 390 minutes

How wickedly ironic-and delicious-that Lisa Kudrow's (Valerie Cherish) single season provided the talented actress with enough meat for her to be nominated for an Emmy--after the show was canceled by HBO. Demonstrating her spectacular acting chops and range of comic abilities, the show centered on Valerie, an actress, once the ingénue of the moment, trying ever more desperately to get back into the limelight. The vehicle of choice: a reality "series" that follows her everywhere. The acid delivery and willingness to show Valerie's raw pain, ambition, and obsequiousness make for engrossing and poignant, if squirm inducing, viewing. The series, though short-lived, demonstrates why Kudrow is one of our most talented actresses; here's hoping for a succession of more Comebacks. Some full and partial Nudity, but sex not so much.