The Drop-Movie-(R) 107 minutes

Adapted from a Dennis Lehane screenplay and based on his short story, Animal Rescue. Marv (James Gandolfini’s final role) and his quiet cousin Bob (Tom Handy), work in a neighborhood bar in Brooklyn called Cousin Marv’s. The bar is run by Marv, who seemingly supervises, but is no longer owned by him. Bob works as the bartender. The bar also serves as a “drop bar” for the local, Chechen, mob, and a different bar is used weekly for safety sake. Which makes the “drop” theft one night, after hours, all the more rash. That night, one just after Christmas, and very cold, Bob finds an abandoned dog badly beaten and dumped in a trash can outside a young woman’s house while on his way home. The dog, the woman and the missing Richie Wheelan, plus the robbery begin a dark tale.