The Gambler-Movie (R) 110 minutes

Movie – R– Mark Wahlberg plays Jim Bennet, a college English professor with a gambling addiction that has him owing well over a hundred thou, that he is trying to get ‘consolidated’. His wealthy family, grandfather and maker of the family fortune, is recently deceased, and his mom, played by Jessica Lange, is at first adamantly determined never to ‘lend’ money to him again. Until one of the mobsters calls her to describe what they will do to her boy. Bennet is a fast-talking, sharp-tongued guy, professing to always tell the truth, to his students, to his lenders, but never seemingly to himself. It is in reality John Goodman’s character Frank, loan shark #3, who lays down the absolute truth. And the consequences of Bennet’s actions are fast catching up to him as the Koreans led by Mister Lee (Alvin Ing) and the dangerous shark Neville Baraka (Michael Kenneth Williams) tightly circle waiting their next chance for cash or blood.