The Good Lie-Movie (PG-13) 110 minutes

Movie –NR-DVD copy- What lie is a Good Lie? In Africa, life is basic, hard, and the family is everything, and oral family history is the history of their people, their village, and their ancestors. But life intervenes for Mamere, Jeremiah, Paul and sister, Abital, their village destroyed, their family and friends killed. They travel cross-country to safety 100s of miles away, and every night they repeat their family’s oral history. Years pass in the refugee camp before they are transferred to the USA, fortunately together. But after their first plane flight lands they discover their responsible sister must go to Boston, while the boys go to Kansas City and met bytheir job seeker and later friend, Carrie Kelley, a tough and fiery woman played by Reese Witherspoon. Their struggles to live in America, forge a new life for themselves, and reunite their family, their strong Christian faith and hard work and perseverance that walked across Africa with them serves them very well in America.