The Great Train Robbery Series (NR) 181 minutes

The Great Train Robbery  On August 8, 1963, Britain awakens to the news of the biggest robbery in the nation's history. The Royal Mail train from Glasgow to London has been hijacked, and a gang has made off with millions in cash. Who could have executed such an audacious raid? And who can catch them and get the money back? Both stories play out in this gripping two-part drama.  A Robber's Tale recalls events from the perspective of the gang led by Bruce Reynolds (Luke Evans, Fast & Furious 6), whose amazing feat ends up being a curse that will change the robbers' lives forever. A Copper's Tale tells the story through the eyes of Scotland Yard's Detective Chief Superintendent Tommy Butler (Academy Award® winner Jim Broadbent, Iris). Butler puts together a team of brilliant, idiosyncratic investigators to outwit and outmaneuver Reynolds and some of the toughest operators in London's criminal underworld. From the acclaimed writer of Broadchurch, this thrilling drama is both a classic heist movie and a fascinating real-life mystery.