The Inspector and the Sea (NR) 536 minutes

THE INSPECTOR AND THE SEA– Foreign Series, season 1 – R – IN GERMAN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES, this blockbuster German crime series, The Inspector and the Sea, is based on the best-selling crime novels by Mari Jungstedt and is set on the idyllic Swedish island of Gotland. Laid-back German police inspector Robert Anders has the job of solving crimes on Gotland, but he's a man out of his element: living on an island, and afraid of the sea. It's a phobia he'll have to conquer if he's to delve beneath the pleasant surface of the medieval town of Visby. Robert's investigative team includes his deputy Karin Jacobson, very capable Thomas Wittberg, and sardonic pathologist Ewa. Together, they discover that seemingly innocuous local characters conceal secrets; everyone has something they're hiding and nothing is as it appears on the surface. Excellent