The Internship-Theatrical (PG-13) Un-cut Version (R-17)

THE INTERNSHIP – Movie – Theatrical-PG-13 & UnCut Versions – R-17- Story idea and co-written by Vince Vaughn, this surprisingly insightful comedy is about 2 middle-aged, best-buddy salesmen, whose company unexpectedly closes. Needing to reinvent themselves, they con their way onto the Google Internship program. As New-gglies, arriving at Google’s lush campus on a brilliantly sunny day, they find they are the oldest ones there. The program is filled with young, highly tech-savvy 20-somethings known as New-gglies. All at the top of their peer group, from the most prestigious colleges and universities, and avidly sizing each other up. The ‘heroes’ are joined up with an diverse, misfit group of Type-A kids and after false starts, they merge their expertise to become a team truly able to compete for the few internships offered. Language, nudity, in limited quantities