The Last to Vanish

by Megan, Miranda is a thriller set in the mountains of North Carolina that centers on a series of cold cases. Cutter’s Pass is a small town that’s famous for its beautiful vistas and hiking trails, with one big caveat: an alarming number of the hikers who set out in the nearby mountains are never seen again. Despite this fact and the place’s ominous designation as “the most dangerous town in North Carolina”, Abby Lovett has found solace here, managing the Passage Inn, getting to know everyone in the small town, and exploring the mountains’ wild beauty. But, things take a turn when Trey West, the brother of the last hiker to disappear, appears one night at the hotel, looking for answers about his brother’s disappearance. Abby connects with him immediately, but as they dig deeper into the mystery of Cutter’s Pass, they find other secrets the town has been hiding. An atmospheric, escapist mystery.