The Love Match

by Priyanka, Taslim is a sweet love story that’s also about finding the right balance between family obligations and following your dreams. Zahra Khan has grown up in the Bengali community in Paterson, New Jersey. She’s put off going to college to help out her mother, whose finances have struggled since Zahra’s father died a few years ago. Taking a job at the local Pakistani tea shop, Chai Ho, Zahra is trying to focus on making money and helping out her family. Her mother, however, wants to set her up with Harun Emon, a handsome, polite boy from a wealthy family. It’s quickly obvious that the two 18-year-olds have no interest in one another, but they pretend to date in order to keep their families happy. But, things get complicated when Zahra is attracted to the newest employee at Chai Ho, Nayim Aktar. As a poor orphan who recently arrived from Bangladesh, he’s exactly the opposite of what her mother wants for her. The Love Match is a sweet love triangle that also writes with nuanced detail about the experience (Young Adults)