The Midcoast

The Midcoast by Adam White is a thriller set in the tiny village of Damariscotta, Maine, and centers on the Thatch family, whose precipitous rise to wealth hides a sinister truth. When the book’s narrator, Andrew, returns home with his family to Damariscotta, where he was raised, he’s surprised to find Ed Thatch, the son of an old fishing family, and his wife, Stephanie, to be the owners of sprawling waterfront estate, throwing a lavish party to celebrate sending their daughter to Amherst College. But, as Andrew wanders around the home marveling at--and perhaps envying slightly--Ed Thatch’s stunning new wealth, he stumbles across photographs that seem to depict a disturbing crime. Then, the party is broken up by the police, and Andrew’s curiosity develops into a fascination. Like The Great Gatsby’s Nick Carraway, Andrew becomes increasingly involved in the Thatch’s lives and the dark deeds that have brought them their newfound position. And, like Jay Gatsby, Ed Thatch is a man willing to risk all for the love of a woman he feels is too good for him. This is a propulsive thriller and a character study about class, privilege, and making the right choices.