The Murder of Mr. Wickham

by Claudia Gray is a cozy mystery that brings some of Jane Austen’s most beloved characters together to solve a crime. Emma and George Knightley are hosting a lavish, month-long party at their estate, Donwell Abbey, and the guest list includes some familiar friends: the Darcys and their son, Jonathan, the Brandons, the Wentworths, the Bertrams, and Miss Juliet Tilney. With a nod to the Gothic sensibilities of Northanger Abbey, the ne’er-do-well Mr. Wickham is found dead on a dark and stormy night, and it’s soon discovered that, between Wickham’s fraudulent investments and his habit of blackmailing, nearly everyone at Donwell Abbey had a reason to kill him. It falls to young, uptight Jonathan Darcy and clever Juliet Tilney to solve the crime, and perhaps indulge in a hint of flirtation. In addition to the mystery, Austen fans will be curious to see how some of her characters have fared beyond her novels!