The Spider-Season 1-Foreign Series (NR) 354 minutes

In Danish with English Subtitles. Post-war era Nazi occupied Denmark and the citizens of Copenhagen are still slogging through the grey zone; the orderly decade of the 1950s hasn’t arrived yet. City gangsters and black marketeers are flourishing in their extensive criminal spiders web. Young idealist Bjarne Madsen is desperate to report the hard evidence to his readers but the newspaper already has a regular crime reporter, the deeply honorable H.C. Vissing, and the editor-in-chief, Taulov, thinks the story is too far-fetched to be legitimate. Politics, corruption, power and influence all stand in his way. Dodging them all to follow the story, he falls for the charms of a diva. And as luck would have it, so does his brother, Ole. This immensely popular Danish mini-series stars Lars Mikkelsen and Jakob Cedergren .