The Truth Will Out Season 1 New Foreign Series (NR) 355 minutes

THE TRUTH WILL OUT SEASON 1 NEW FOREIGN SERIES (NR) Swedish with English subtitles Inspired by true events, this Swedish crime drama delivers enthralling mystery, striking scenery, and droll humor. Returning to work following a mental breakdown, Detective Peter Wendel (Robert Gustafsson), is tasked with creating an elite team of investigators to crack cold cases. When the police find a note on a dead body that claims Sweden’s most notorious serial killer is a fraud, Wendel gets a chance to redeem himself--but only the dregs of the force are available to work the case. Under pressure to mobilize quickly, Wendel is forced to hire two cops who hate each other, plus a forthright woman who isn’t even a police officer. Can his lowly group solve this high-profile crime?