The Vikings Season 4 (NR) 442 minutes

THE VIKINGS – SERIES 4 (NR)--Ragnar and the Vikings have returned to Kattegat after raiding Paris. While Ragnar recovers from his wounds suffered in Paris, he meets a new slave, Yidu, whom he grows close to. He must also deal with Floki, Bjorn who reveals to Ragnar that he intends to travel into the wilderness to find himself, and the Viking women have growing ambitions. In Paris, Rollo and the Franks prepare for the eventual return of Ragnar and his Viking warriors. In Wessex, relationships are tense as Ecbert grows closer to Judith, while his son Aethelwulf forms a relationship with Queen Kwenthrith. King Harald Finehair and his brother Halfdan are eager to raid with Ragnar in Paris. However, Harald has desires to become the King of all Norway. And Ragnar, older, wounded, and lacking the desire to explore like his early years must faces enemies on all sides.