The Witchlings

Witchlings by Claribel A. Ortega is a fantastical middle-grade novel about friendship overcoming the desire to fit in. Living in the magical town of Ravenskill, Seven Salazar is a 12-year-old witchling on the cusp of becoming a real witch. At the Black Moon Ceremony--a kind of sorting process for future witches - she and her best friend are hoping to be chosen to join the most powerful coven together. But, when the time comes, Seven ends up as a Spare, selected to be part of an outcast, less powerful coven with two other oddball Spares, one of whom is a confirmed bully. To make matters worse, the spell they need to cast to bond themselves as sisters in the coven fails, meaning the witchlings are at risk of losing their powers. The only way for Seven and her fellow Spares to become full witches is to undergo a dangerous mission to kill the Nightbeast, a creature that supposedly haunts Ravenskill and kills children. It’s an almost impossible task--but if Seven and her fellow witchlings can succeed, they’ll gain powers beyond their wildest dreams. And if not, they’ll be turned into toads! This is an exciting, plot-twist-filled book for budding fantasy readers. (Chapter Books)