This Time Tomorrow

by Emma Straub is a time-traveling adventure that discusses loss and regrets with humor and profundity. Alice Stern has always been slightly stuck in the past: she still works at the fancy private high school in New York City that she once attended and feels a little embarrassed that her single lifestyle doesn’t match the glittering careers or perfect families that her friends have created. Still, she’s always had a great relationship with her father, Leonard, a successful fantasy writer who raised her as a single parent with an unconventional style. But, Leonard’s health is now in steep, heartbreaking decline and Alice doesn’t know how to manage her grief. Then, on her 40tbirthday, she wakes up to find herself in her childhood bedroom, reliving her 16thbirthday. If she changes the events of this one day, in 1996, can she reorient the whole course of her life--and maybe save Leonard? Straub’s book has fun with the time travel elements, but its heart is the sweet, imperfectly perfect relationship between Alice and her dad.